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Comparison of the best 32-inch screens

1. BenQ PD3200U – Best of All

BenQ PD3200UResolution: 4K UHD

In 2022, count on the BenQ brand, the image professional, to enjoy incredible renderings in color and sharpness of all the images that take place on this 32-inch screen. The latter has even been calibrated to ensure that you will have a monitor with good color space coverage, which has all the more certification in this regard.

Besides, it offers suitable display modes to deliver professional results; it is even possible to adjust the brightness and contrast of the image so as to benefit from quality work in all environments. Another option is to improve the clarity of dark areas without overexposing bright areas. Work with this best 32-inch screen in the comparison, in eye comfort with its technology that filters harmful blue light.

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Why buy the product?

Quality color: the brand offers you to choose its 32-inch QHD screen, which has excellent color rendering. Its design means that it covers 100% of the sRGB and Rec. 709. It offers the assurance of incredible precision, having been calibrated and certified.

For Professionalism: This template was designed to allow you to work with images in a professional manner. The Display Pilot software will simplify the workflow in a convenient and flexible way. Then, it includes a mouse switch (KVM) and a shortcut wheel. Those who have tested it have noticed a great flexibility of use according to their opinions.

Comfortable use: BenQ takes care of your eyes, its 32-inch screen incorporates cutting-edge technologies to help reduce eye fatigue, and keep eyes constantly in comfort after a long period of play. ‘use. Note the elimination of flickering effects at all brightness levels, and the filtering out of harmful blue light.

What don’t we like?

Weight: The screen is quite heavy for some customers.

Brightness: Users comment that the brightness can get a bit harsh for them after a certain number of hours of use.

2. LG ERGO 32UN880-B.AEU – Best value for money

Resolution: 4K UHD

This affordable 32-inch monitor is going to give you stunning clarity and fine detail in images; in fact, its resolution is four times that of Full HD. Tests have shown that the image quality is exceptional and that the visual experience is more comfortable and thus allows you to work in good conditions.

Work in front of the screen with the right posture to avoid all kinds of fatigue, this model includes an Ergo stand whose improved flexibility allows an expanded adjustment in relation to your height and position of comfort: extension, retraction, tilt, adjustment in height, pivot and rotation. This 32-inch screen with the best value for money on the comparator is ideal for architects, gamers and photographers.

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Why buy the product?

High image quality : Increase your productivity with this 32-inch 4K UHD display that offers exceptional image quality, meeting the criteria of professional use. The visual experience is comfortable, thanks to the reduction of color shift depending on the viewing angle. Note that the resolution is 4 times higher than that of Full HD.

Ergonomic: it is compatible with every posture, in fact, its high level of adjustment promotes good posture The monitor is suitable for people who spend long hours in front of the computer, i.e. gamers , architects, photographers, etc. The adjustment mode is widely flexible to adapt to your comfort.

Various Interfaces: You can connect your 32-inch monitor with a variety of peripherals using the available interfaces: HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C, and USB 3.0. This way, you will have no difficulty connecting your mobile device or laptop with the monitor.

What don’t we like?

Instructions: the manual is not provided, but can be downloaded from the LG site, and may be missing other useful information.

3. SAMSUNG ODYSSEY G5 – Top for gaming


Are you a gamer? You’ll love this comparator best 32 inch curved monitor, which greatly improves gaming experience and performance with its industry-leading optimal and immersive curvature. Its stunning WQHD and HDR10 resolutions give, as the brand says, a lively, vibrant and detailed look to the screen graphics.

This 32-inch curved gaming monitor offers a new competitive edge in the world of gaming, and guarantees the ultimate gaming experience. This is because the curvature comfortably places the entire screen within your natural field of vision. On the other hand, its high definition makes game scenes more vivid than ever; the graphics are breathtaking and the sequences show no lag considering a response time of 1ms.

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Why buy the product?

High Resolution: The 32-inch curved display has a higher pixel density than Full HD, so displays more detail to enhance your gaming experience. Stunning image, colors are well defined to make game scenes more vivid than ever. In addition, it incorporates HDR10 technology that ensures breathtaking graphics.

Top gaming experience: The brand has designed the monitor with a curved design, which means that the entire screen will be placed in your natural field of vision so that there is no difficulty in operating. Tests proved no lag, no retinal resistance or blurring.

Smooth operation: The display incorporates technology that effectively reduces image tearing, stuttering and input latency. This generates a low frame rate compensation, so that the flow of each scene is fluid and smooth.

What don’t we like?

Design: the monitor does not have a button to stop the screen, you have to enter the settings to do so.

4. LG Ultrafine 32UN500-W – A more immersive experience

LG Ultrafine 32UN500-WResolution: 4K HDR

The LG brand will bring you a better gaming experience with your console, with superior images and sound, and also technologies that will energize your games. This 32-inch display boasts good color space coverage with a well-extended color gamut, and has a simple, clean design that will place you in an immersive gaming experience.

You’ll love playing on this screen, which incorporates technology that produces exceptional fluidity and clarity in every movement while maintaining high resolution. Then, its synchronization mode makes it possible to act with less display latency. And if the game scenes are in the dark, there is always the technology that will provide you with good visual clarity. You’ll easily become a gaming pro with this super functional 32-inch monitor.

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Why buy the product?

Smooth streaming: Built with Radeon FreeSync technology to virtually eliminate screen stutter and tearing. Consequently, the movements will be executed at high resolution, with exceptional fluidity and clarity. In addition, display latencies will be quickly avoided by the action of dynamic action synchronization mode; the scenes will be broadcast in real time.

Immersive Gaming: Immerse yourself in the new era of gaming experience with this high-resolution 32-inch display; the quality of sound and image far exceeds the expectations of gamers. Indeed, the contents are broadcast without loss of resolution or sharpness.

Maximum stability: Its Black Stabilizer technology allows the 32-inch screen to offer complete visual clarity in all situations, including dark scenes. This in order to synchronize and lighten the darkest areas at the same time in order to have a good reference point in the shadows.

What don’t we like?

Sound quality: the built-in speaker does not provide good sound quality, even if it can help, the ideal is to choose an external speaker.

5. ViewSonic VX3276-2K-mhd – Best cheap 32 inch monitor

ViewSonic VX3276-2K-mhdResolution: WQHD

The ViewSonic VX3276-2K-mhd 32-inch monitor combines both style and performance. With a minimalist design and ultra-slim profile, the monitor has a good look to fit perfectly in any location. Enjoy detailed, high-resolution images, and at the same time enjoy rich, vivid color with excellent brightness levels from any viewing angle.

In addition, it incorporates optimized settings to ensure you get the best viewing experience for different applications. There are also intuitive interfaces that include flexible connectivity options for general use and for gaming: HDMI, DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort. Also listen to powerful sound with the built-in stereo speakers. Everything is there, image quality, sound and performance in this inexpensive 32-inch screen, the top in 2022.

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Why buy the product?

Top resolution: This large 32-inch display can deliver images with crisp detail and razor-sharp content, thanks to WQHD resolution. Moreover, it provides beautiful color rendition, rich and vivid; we note more efficient gradients and a more natural transition between shades.

Comfortable view: Brightness levels are more consistent regardless of viewing angle, according to tests. And if you experience extended viewing periods, know that the flicker-free technology and blue light filter greatly minimize eye strain.

Pretty Design: The design of the monitor was inspired by architecture, consisting of modern shapes, ultra-thin profile, an edgeless bezel and a triangular stand. All in all, you’ll have a 32-inch screen of premium design that easily finds its place on the furniture in the house and in any decor.

What don’t we like?

Sound quality: The sound of the speakers does not satisfy the majority of customers, according to their opinions.

6. SAMSUNG C32T550FDR – For visual comfort

SAMSUNG C32T550FDRResolution: Full HD

We find this model among the best 32-inch curved screens of 2022 from Samsung in this comparison, which easily adapts to the human field of vision to greatly reduce eye fatigue. It will serve you greatly to complete hard works or play the games for a long time; keep your eyes and body comfortable while using it. The screen benefits from an optimal and bolder curvature.

Its use greatly limits eye fatigue, even studies and clinical tests confirm that a curved screen is less tiring for the eyes than a flat screen. Its technologies allow a fluid display of scenes, the production of a superb quality image and an immersion of intense realism for gamers. This 32-inch size model will embark you on an ultimate user experience, reducing fatigue and increasing comfort and satisfaction.

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Why buy the product?

Innovative: Samsung has launched a low-cost, 32-inch curved screen with cutting-edge and full-range technologies. This model has a perfect curvature, having audacity and performance to provide you with a better user experience. The idea being to offer users optimal viewing comfort in a natural field of vision, to limit fatigue.

Fluid experience: The screen resolution, Full HD, allows it to broadcast sharp images, while AMD FreeSync technology guarantees games without waterfalls. Then, it also includes a refresh rate of 75 Hz, allowing a fluid display of scenes. Live in an intense immersion of realism.

Comfortable view: apart from the fact that the screen is curved and therefore the field of vision becomes optimal, it also incorporates advanced technologies for visual comfort in order to greatly reduce fatigue ocular ; namely the Flicker Free technology, which operates in the suppression of tiring and irritating flickers. There is also the Eye Saver mode, which effectively reduces the blue light emitted.

What don’t we like?

Sound Output: The monitor does not have a speaker for sounds.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I buy a 32 inch screen?

Some people easily find the comfort of working with a large screen when it comes to processing images for example; gamers, on the other hand, also get more satisfaction when the game takes place in full view. This is why the use of a 32-inch screen is necessary, with which you can enjoy an optimal workspace, to put yourself in comfort, as the dimensions are large.

When working in image processing, it is easier to detail them on a large 32-inch screen; the images are sharper and clearer, and we also benefit from bright colors and thus uniform images with good colorimetry. There is also what is meant by panel technology, which provides gamers with an optimal viewing angle.

How to choose a 32 inch screen?

You surely agree that the screen is an essential element for a computer or a game console, right? As a result, its quality is essential and you have to know how to buy the right model. First, you have to choose between a flat screen, ideal for image processing, and a curved screen, perfect for gamers. Then check the display capacity from its resolution.

Gamers require significantly higher than average resolution, but not only that; the movements must be as fluid and well synchronized with the executions, the latencies must be lower. Connectors also matter, check the monitor’s interfaces to see if it has the ports you need to connect other peripherals.

How much does a 32-inch screen cost?

To be able to buy one, it would be necessary to prepare a good budget. We can notice a notable variation on the prices compared to the quality of manufacture and the wealth of features. Prices usually start from 140 euros and can go up to 750 euros and even more.

Enjoy an immersive visual experience with a 32-inch screen

Whether enjoying large-scale videos, processing images in photography or architecture, and even playing video games; nothing beats enjoying the images on a larger monitor. Take advantage of our guide and comparison of the best 32-inch screens of 2022 to make a wise purchase; choosing and buying a model will be easier with our help!

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