The Best Verizon Phones for 2022

Every year, we put hundreds of phones through rigorous testing in PC Labs to see which ones live up to their advertising language and which ones are just phoning it in. If you’re looking for a Verizon phone right now, these are the finest options.

In our Fastest Mobile Networks rankings, Verizon slid to third place, but it could just be a hiccup. As long as you have a C-band compatible phone, the carrier’s massive launch of C-Band 5G in 46 regions of the country might make a considerable difference. On Verizon’s coverage map, you can see if it’s available.

However, speed is unlikely to be a factor in your decision to join or stay with Verizon. The carrier’s national coverage, which includes rural locations, is legendary, and our Fastest Mobile Networks driving test confirmed this.

Almost all Verizon phones are purchased through the company, and many unlocked phones are now compatible with its network. Although phones from major unlocked manufacturers marketed in the US (such as Apple, Google, OnePlus, Razer, and Samsung), as well as most phones sold unlocked on Amazon, will work properly on Verizon now. On Verizon’s network, any iPhone will function fine; here’s how you pick the perfect one.

The smartphones on this list are the best we’ve tested and perform well on Verizon’s network. There are Android and iOS smartphones, as well as a group of simple voice phones that we like.

The Best Verizon Phones for 2022

The Best 5G Phones for Verizon

Verizon now offers three different types of 5G. C-Band, dubbed “5G UW,” holds the most promise. According to Verizon, it’s available in 46 US regions – considerably larger than individual cities or metro areas – and currently reaches around 100 million people. Where it’s configured properly, C-Band performance is noticeably better than 4G. It’s currently available on Samsung’s Galaxy S21, S22, and latest Z series, as well as Apple’s iPhone 12 and 13 models. The Pixel 5 and 6 series, as well as some midrange Samsung and other phones, have C-band-compatible hardware, but Verizon has so far refused to enable it in software. I sincerely hope Verizon gets its act together and makes C-Band available on hardware that supports it.

Verizon now offers three types of 5G service. C-Band, sometimes known as “5G UW,” has the highest potential. It’s currently available in 46 US regions, which are much larger than individual cities or metro areas, and reaches about 100 million people, according to Verizon. C-Band performance is substantially better than 4G when correctly configured. Samsung’s Galaxy S21, S22, and newest Z series, as well as Apple’s iPhone 12 and 13 models, all have it. Although the Pixel 5 and 6 series, as well as several Samsung and other midrange phones, have C-band-compatible hardware, Verizon has yet to activate it in software. I genuinely hope that Verizon gets its act together and makes C-Band hardware available.

The Best Verizon Flip Phone

Verizon still sells “basic phones,” which are voice phones with limited features. Many of these are custom-built off-brand devices for Verizon; they’re cheap, but most of them aren’t very good.

A person in a hat and mask holding a flip phone to his ear

The Kyocera DuraXV Extreme and the Sunbeam F1 are the two most expensive outliers. The DuraXV Extreme is tough and noisy, while the F1 is available in three feature-limited models for those who don’t want to use their phones for online browsing or email. Both are excellent options.

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