NieR Replicant’s rework includes a lot of in-game content. Side missions and quests offer more danger and challenges than the main missions. One of these is the Damaged Map quest. It can be obtained from the Blacksmith in the village. This weapon is a reward and it is essential for unlocking other endings of the game. To complete the Damaged Map, you will need to travel around.

Walkthrough – The Damaged Map – NieR Replicant

  1. The Treasure Map can be found in the village library, second floor. Look for the appropriate item on the shelves and interact with it.
  2. Go to the Strange-Thing Shop to decode the map you found in the library.
  3. Here are the places to find the ingredients the merchant asks you for:
    • Machine oil – This one is available from the ‘Junk Heap factory’ dungeon.
    • Eggplants: The best way to get them is to buy them from the grocery store. However, you can also grow them from a farm.
    • Goat Hide – Remove and carve goats.
  4. Talk to the Strange-Thing Shopkeeper. Then, you will need to find the Blacksmith in the village.
  5. You will meet his wife upon your arrival. She’ll help you find a treasure. It can be found on the second floor of the Lost Shrine.
  6. To obtain the Hair Ornament, go back to the Blacksmith’s wife. Go to the Strange-Thing merchant and ask for a Gold Coin.
  7. The Blacksmith will allow you to exchange your Gold Coin for a Treasure Map. You will need to go to the library to decode the Map. The NPC Popola is able to do this.
  8. It will show the North Plains. Look for the unfinished bridge once you are there. There will be the Labyrinth’s Shout!