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Free video editing software: what are the best and applications to create and edit your videos and share them on social networks!

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What is the best free video editing software? Today, it is possible to circumvent pro-type Adobe software that requires a hell of a budget to pay each month. Yet, is it possible to find a good video editing software that is completely free? The one that will allow you to create effective, professional videos that you can distribute on your own communication media?

Video is essential today, whatever your professional activity. With an e-commerce web store like Shopify, great video content on one page can dramatically boost your sales. According to figures on themarketing video,64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video.< /p>

With the amount and quality of free video editing software available to you, you don’t need to be Spielberg, or have his budget, to get great results from your video editing.

It’s up to you to choose the best video editing software depending on whether you’re on Mac or PC, or directly on your smartphone, and whether you’re a beginner or an expert in the field!

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Top 15 best free video-editing software in 2022

Are you wondering which software to replace Movie Maker or Adobe Premiere for free? All of the video editing software we have listed are completely free or have a great free version. These video editing software range from basic to advanced versions. Depending on your level and the uses you intend to make of your videos, we have selected a comparison of the free and complete video editing software to adopt!

We also explain how to have free video editing software.

1. Blender , free and complete video editing software

This is one of the best free video editing software. It is available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

This open source software was designed as a 3D animation suite and also has a free and comprehensive video editing software. Its free video editor should meet most of your editing needs.

Blender allows you to perform basic operations such as cutting and joining sequences, and also allows you to perform more complex tasks such as video masking. All this makes it a free yet very versatile editing software for both beginners and advanced users.

Blender offers you the following features:

  • Real-time preview, display of luma waveforms, spectra and histograms

  • Audio mixing, syncing, cleanup and wave visualization

  • Up to 32 slots to add videos, images, audio and effects

  • Speed ​​control, adjustment layers, transitions, keyframes, filters, etc.

Check out this tuto to learn more about this free video editing software.

Pros: Perfect for advanced users who aren’t put off by all the features.

Limitations: the large number of features makes it harder to learn. Most tutorials focus on 3D animation and modeling. There is very little information to help you with this video editor.

Best for: very advanced projects that might require 3D animation.

Lightworks is also one of the best free video editing software. It is available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Lightworks is a very powerful free video editing software. The free version should be more than satisfactory for most users looking to do professional video editing. The monthly subscription to the pro version costs 25 USD (about 22 €).

The free version includes the following features:

  • High precision video trimming

  • Integrated multicam option

  • Export up to 720p for YouTube

  • Wide range of supported video formats

Although most of the features are included, the 4K video option for YouTube and Vimeo is only accessible in the paid version of the software. If we compare it to Blender, for example, Lightworks offers many video tutorials that can make it easier to use. Check out this feature comparison to make sure this free video editing software meets your needs.

Benefits: Free and comprehensive video editing software with many advanced features. So all levels are there, whether you are beginners with basic video editing or experienced.

Limitations: embedded 4K video option only in the paid version. Some users might find Lightworks a bit too advanced.

Best for: the vast majority of desktop video editing tasks.

Completely free video editing software, available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Shotcut, like Blender, is a completely open source program. This means that after downloading the software, you have access to all of its features without the need to pay for a higher version.

This free video editing software is compatible with a large number of video formats and has a good collection of video tutorials. Although it has great features, some users may find the interface a bit strange. The software was originally designed for Linux and this is clearly seen in its operation; despite everything, it remains a free but quality video editing software.

Two of the most impressive features of this free video editing software are 4K HD resolution and in-timeline editing. Few free video editing software include 4K resolution. Shotcut also doesn’t require you to import your video: this can save you a lot of time if you’re dealing with large video files.

Advantages: native timeline editing and 4K compatibility.

Limitations: A strange interface that may put some users off.

Best for: 4K, HD video projects.

4. VSDC Free Video Editor, the best free video editing software

VSDC is the best free Windows video editing software.

VSDC is a free video editing software only available to Windows users. The free version offers a set of interesting features such as color correction and audio editing.

The pro version costs $19.99 (€17.70) and includes image stabilization, voiceover, and visual waveforms. If you choose not to upgrade to the professional version, technical support will cost you $9.99/month or $14.99/year (equivalent to €8.80 and €13.25, respectively). Here is a tutorial on VSDC.

Advantages: relatively easy to learn, offers many great features.

Limitations: Technical support is not free. Reserved exclusively for Windows users.

Best for: video editing projects with Windows.

5. Machete Video Editor Lite: Free Windows Video Editing Software

Machete Lite is only available on Windows.

Machete Lite is a free Windows 10 video editing software, among others, and one of the easiest to use on this list. It is ideal for small, quick assembly tasks. Note that in the free version, you can do your editing but you cannot edit audio content, you can only delete the tracks. Also, the free version is only compatible with AVI and WMV files. The full version costs $19.95 (about $17.60) and lets you edit audio. It is compatible with several other file types.

Advantages: very easy to learn and use.

Limitations: only accessible on Windows and compatibility with far fewer file types than most other software; no audio editing.

Best for: easy editing of video footage

6. Avidemux , free video editing software for beginners

Free video editing software for beginners available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

With its very easy to use interface, Avidemux is an excellent free video editing software for beginners. This program can help you perform basic tasks such as:

  • Simple cutting

  • Coding

  • Special effects

If you are completely new to video editing, this is a good place to start. Here is a tutorial to guide you.

Advantages: very easy software; no need to read technical documents to use it.

Limitations: doesn’t have as many features as other video editing software.

Best for: Beginners and simple video editing with basic editing features.

HitFilm Express is free video editing software available for Mac and Windows.

HitFilm Express is one of the most professional free video editing software on this list. It has all the features you would expect from basic software (stitching, slicing, audio editing) and many more. Even though some users consider HitFilm as an advanced program, it is still one of the best free video editing software. The free version includes more than 180 special effects.

The English tutorials are mostly based on well-known Hollywood movies like Star Wars and are very interactive and engaging. Here’s another one in French, quite complete to get you started.

To download this free video editing software, Hitfilm asks you to share it on social media, which is a very small request for such an advanced software. Finally, a Hitfilm store is included and you can buy add-ons there, but these are often beyond the scope of most users, and the free features are more than enough for them.

Options included:

  • Advanced slicing tools

  • Green screen timing

  • Audio and video filters

  • Composition tools

  • Layers and masking

  • 3D Video Support

Pros: Very professionalvideo editing software without the cost usually associated with this type of editor.

Limitations: may take some time to get familiar with the interface.

Best for: vlogging YouTubers, uploading to YouTube is integrated.

8. DaVinci Resolve , the ultimate video editing software

This free video editing site is available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

DaVinci Resolve is arguably the most comprehensive free video editing software on this list. Although it has many professional features, its interfaces remain quite intuitive. In addition to video trimming and cropping, you can master audio and color correct. You can also use it to add 2D and 3D titles to your video. If you just want to trim your videos before uploading them, the rich features of DaVinci Resolve might prove too vast. But if your video project is a bit more advanced, the free version of this software is hard to beat.

Options included:

  • Advanced Slicing

  • Multicam Editing

  • Color corrector

  • Audio Mastering

Pros: Intuitive interfaces and exceptional color corrector.

Limitations: its multiple features may intimidate users and not all tutorials are free.

Best for: more advanced projects where you need to color correct.

9. Openshot , iMovie but better

Openshot is available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Openshot is a totally free and fully open source video editing software. With its easy-to-use drag and drop interface, it will remind Mac users of iMovie. However, Openshot offers more features than iMovie, including unlimited layers and audio mixing. This free software offers a good balance between advanced and basic features. It also allows real-time previews when you integrate transitions between sequences.

Options included:

  • Unlimited number of tracks/layers

  • Allows resizing, trimming, cropping, capturing, rotating, and trimming video transitions. All this with real-time previews.

  • Creation, image overlays, watermarks

  • Title templates, creating titles, subtitles, 3D animated titles (with special effects)

  • Advanced timeline (with drag and drop, scrolling, panning, zooming and alignment)

Advantages: open source, unlimited layers.

Limitations: not many video tutorials.

Best For: Ideal for users new to video editing.

10. iMovie , basic video editing software that can do wonders

iMovie is available on Mac.

Good old iMovie is built into Mac OS. Like most built-in Mac apps, this totally free video editing software is very intuitive. It offers a drag-and-drop interface. Mac users can use iMovie as a playground to learn the basics of video editing. It is a very good beginner video editing software. Once you’re comfortable with the editor, you might find another video editing software on this list that better suits your needs.

Options included:

  • Database of ready-to-use transitions

  • Video Trim

  • Audio Editing

  • Screen Sharing

  • 4K resolution compatible

See Apple Support for more information.

Advantages: easy to learn, integrated with Mac OS.

Limitations: for advanced users, the features may seem a bit limited; importing and rendering may be slow.

Best for: Mac users who want to learn video editing.

11 . VideoPad, handy video editing site for beginners

This tool is a free Windows and Mac video editing software that comes in handy for beginners.

VideoPad allows you to make quality video editing despite an interface that seems complicated at first glance. It allows you to see its different clips via a timeline or in storyboard mode. Other features also make it easier to import and export videos once edited. You can even edit 3D videos, 360 degree videos and export your movies in 4K!

Options included:

  • 50 effects and transitions

  • 3D and 360 video editing

  • Audio and video effects

  • Many definitions available including 4K resolution

Advantages: many formats and definitions and 3D video editing

Limitations: a little difficult to master for beginners but many tutorials available on Youtube

Best for: users who need different resolutions and 3D capabilities

12. Minitool Video Maker for easy video editing

Simple and easy video editing software for beginners.

Minitool Video Maker is a very simple tool for quickly editing videos. Well thought out tool but only offers the most common features.


  • Transitions and original titles

  • Video zoom tool

Advantages: free and simple video editing site

Limitations:lacks some professional features

Ideal for: users who don’t have a lot of time to do quality editing

13. Kdenlive , the open source editing software

Open source video editing site available on Windows and Mac OS.

Kdenlive describes itself as multitrack editing software. A little complicated for the uninitiated, Kdenlive promises to be free forever (which changes software that just offers a freemium version) and offers several features. Kdenlive also offers to make intermediate clips that can be edited from any computer.


  • Creating intermediate clips

  • Multi-track editing

  • Configurable modules

  • Compatible with any video format

  • Guide and forum to help with use

Advantages: Open source and complete video editing site. Discussion forum, community of enthusiasts. Features different from conventional video editing software

Limitations: the information on the site as well as the tool is a bit difficult to understand and master for those uninitiated in editing and open source software

Ideal for: advanced users who want to take their video editing a step further

14. AVID Media Composer , the professional video editing software

Video editing site that offers an interesting free version called First.

AVID is a specialist in video editing software that offers this comprehensive software. Its free version Media Composer First is perfect for beginners or freelance professionals. The software offers multitrack, multicam support as well as stabilization tools. These features to boost your audio tracks are also amazing


  • Multitrack

  • Audio recording and editing module

Advantages: a very complete video editing tool with professional features

Limitations: for pros or insiders only, limited free version

Ideal for: quick and easy video editing for your social networks

15. Adobe Spark , for Adobe quality in 2 apps ideal for your social networks

Notice to YouTubers and community managers, Adobe Spark is a free tool from the Adobe suite for editing short or long videos.

Adobe has created 2 free Adobe Spark applications for video editing: Spark Video and Spark Post. While Spark Video allows the addition of text or transitions for more professional videos like on Youtube, Spark Post offers sticker and other animation features for social posts on Instagram or whatever.


  • Adobe Professional Creation

  • Wide choice of fonts and icons

  • Another Spark Page tool to create landing pages… with your videos!

Benefits: well-known Adobe Suite features offered for free

Limits: easy to use for an Adobe tool but basic features

Ideal for: quick and easy video editing for your social networks

Free video editing applications: Best free video editing software for mobile

These apps are for people who like to shoot and share real-time videos from their smartphone. They are ideal for creating great videos on your social networks like Instagram. Although there are many great video editing apps out there, here we list a few that rank among the best and most intuitive, free for mobile devices.

16. Splice , one of the best free mobile video editing software

Splice, a very good free video editing software for mobile, is only available on iOS.

Splice is one of the most popular free mobile video editing software available for iPhone and iPad users. Created by the developers of GoPro, this video editing application is easy to master thanks to its simple interface. You can edit videos and trim footage with just a few clicks. Add transitions and audio from the large built-in library and your video is ready to stream.

Advantages: simple and very easy to use.

Limitations: only available for iOS.

Ideal for: when time is of the essence and you need to quickly edit a video.

17. Quik , easy and fast video editing application

Quik is available on iOS and Android.

Quik is another free video editing app from GoPro. This application is similar to Splice, but it limits the user a bit more when it comes to editing. Automatic trimming and editing features speed up your work, but you can edit video manually if you want to stay in control.

What Quik can do automatically is impressive. It searches your video for the best sequences and can itself add transitions to them. If you really need to save time, this is the app for you. And, unlike Splice, Quik is also available for Android users.

Benefits: Automount features.

Limitations: some users would like more editing control.

Best for: Quick and automatic edits.

18. Adobe Premiere Rush , professional video editing app!

The Adobe Premiere Rush video editing app is available on iOS and Android.

Adobe Premiere Rush is a very popular video editing application. This application is integrated with the well-known offerings of Adobe Premiere Pro, but it also works very well as a standalone application. Add music (your own or from the music library) and transitions, automatically correct colors, and your video is ready to go.

With its two modes, Freeform (manual) and Automatic (automatic), you can choose to keep control over your editing or let Adobe add the transitions and trim the video automatically. Adobe users will be happy to find that this application syncs perfectly with other Adobe classics, such as Lightroom. Refer to Adobe’s tutorials or its FAQ for more ‘info.

Advantages: easy to use; Adobe Creative Cloud Support.

Limitations: some basic functions are missing, for example the ability to rotate sequences.

Best for: basic mobile video editing.

19. Horizon most useful video editing app

The Horizon video editing application is available on iOS and Android.

Horizon is a free and simple video editing application that allows its users to shoot videos horizontally regardless of the position of their phone. It is super well thought out free video editing software that will restore our errors of the moment T! When we rush to capture a scene, sometimes we forget to place the phone horizontally to film. This app can help you solve this problem: all the footage shot in the app is captured horizontally, regardless of the orientation of your phone. Watch this demo to see how it works. Avoid vertically shot videos and use the Horizon app for fast videos.

Advantages: Very easy to use and never loses your vertically shot content.

Limitations: the version on Android is not as advanced as the one on iOS; you may need to buy some extras in the app, depending on your needs.

Ideal for: always filming horizontally.

20. Power Director, popular video editing application

This video editing app is very well thought out and easy to use. PowerDirector allows editing your videos on different tracks, has beautiful transitions and effects. It also allows you to make slow motion videos and replace backgrounds with the green screen editor! At the export level, very good quality also which can go up to a 4K resolution.

This video editing application is very popular with mobile users because it has a rating of 4.6 on the Apple store and the Play store. On Android, another similar app has been released by the same publisher called ActionDirector. It is even easier to use and has a variety of features.

Pros: widely used, many popular features, highly rated

Limitations: may be a bit difficult for beginners to learn

Best for: quality mobile videos and beautiful effects before publishing to your media

What is the best free video editing software for Instagram? Video editing apps for Instagram included

We all love Instagram. But, if you run an online store, you know how important it is to give a professional image to your brand. Make your Instagram stories even more memorable with these video editing apps. All of the mobile video editing apps listed below also work great for Instagram. They have also been designed specifically for the Instagram platform.

21. Magisto , free online video editing software

Magisto is available on iOS and Android.

Magisto is an award-winning free AI video editing software. A nugget! Select your photos, video, music, and anything else you want to include in the render, and Magisto will automatically edit the video for you. And the results are quite impressive. Choose the type of story you want to tell, Magisto takes care of the rest and can save you a lot of time by using its smart video editing software to produce a professional quality video. Ideal for quick Instagram posts, this tool will make it look like you’ve spent hours editing the video.

Advantages: the results produced by the artificial intelligence on which it is based are very impressive.

Limitations: you sacrifice some functionality in the name of speed.

Best for: Fast, professional video editing.

This video editing application is available on iOS and Android.

The Boomerang app, available on iOS and Android, is a tool created by Instagram that allows you to use your photos to create very attractive content. Take up to 10 burst photos and Boomerang will turn them into a mini video. With built-in support, you can post directly to Instagram from the app.

Benefits: Easy to use and share content

Limitations: It’s pretty much a single feature app

Best for: Turning photos into engaging video content

23. Anchor Video Maker , the podcast pro

This audio editing application is available on iOS and Android.

Anchor Video Maker is ideal for making audio content much more dynamic. Don’t forget your audio files, the best videos can also come alive with audio clips. This app automatically converts your audio files or podcasts into videos for Instagram. See this article for a demo, tutorial, and download links.

Advantages: makes it easier to share audio files.

Limitations: automatic transcription always requires proofreading.

Ideal for: facilitating the sharing of audio files on social networks.

24. Hyperlapse , to make your own Timelapses

Hyperlapse is only available on iOS.

This app is ideal for timelapse videos. This video editing application was created by Instagram. It is therefore very compatible with the platform. By condensing multiple clips into a short video, Hyperlapse can create engaging videos for your followers. This app also eliminates the need for a tripod due to its impressive stabilization technology.

This type of timelapse video can be very useful to show the manufacturing steps of a product. When your timelapse video is ready, you can share it directly to Instagram. You can also speed up your timelapse up to 12 times.

Advantages: stabilization technology eliminates the need for a tripod.

Limitations: only available on iOS; may take several attempts to achieve great results.

Best for: beautiful timelapse shots.

25. Apple Clips , one of the best free video editing software on mobile

Apple Clips is only available on iOS.

Some apps built into Apple products may be disappointing, but not Apple Clips. This app meets most of your video editing needs for Instagram. You can assemble sequences and edit your timeline.

Two of the coolest features are: the ability to change the background and the ability to give your content a comic-book vibe. The other great feature is Live Titles: just record a video and Apple Clips automatically adds subtitles synchronized with your voice. When you’re done, check that the captioning is correct.

Advantages: quick and simple to use; Live Titles feature.

Limitations: only for iOS.

Best for: iOS users looking for Instagram-friendly, interactive and user-friendly editing software.

26. FilmoraGo Software and Application

FilmoraGo is available on iOS and Android.

Last in the list of best free video editing software for Instagram and your social networks, but not the least, FilmoraGo is a good free video editing application with no watermark or subscription required. Add music, embed transitions and cut clips in the app. Easily add themes, text and titles to your videos. The paid desktop version starts at $44.99/year (about €40.20), but you can still get away with the many benefits of the free mobile version.

Pros: Great for basic mobile mounting.

Limitations: not as good as the desktop version of the app.

Best for: adding text, themes and overlays to personalize your videos.

Best free video-editing software Windows 10

This software published by WonderShare is perfect for beginners. It is a good free video editing software Windows 10 but it is also available on Mac.

Filmora has many features like overlaying and merging video clips and green screens, video stabilization and a good audio mixer. This Windows 10 video editing tool also allows you to export your videos directly to the right format for Youtube or Facebook sharing.

Advantages: ideal for beginners on Windows 10, pro features

Limitations: you will have to watch some tutorials online to be really comfortable with the features of the tool

Ideal for: making quality videos without investing in software or a Mac!

Another free Windows 10 video editing software worth trying.

The features of this video editing tool are quite basic. You will find the same functionalities as on iMovie. Its main advantage is its ease of use.

Advantages: easy to handle for beginners

Limitations: not many software updates, so no new features!

Ideal for: making quality videos without investing in software or a Mac!

Windows 10 video editing software is also easy to use.

In addition to the basic video editing features, VirtualDub offers a video capture tool which can be handy if you are doing tutorials and need to show your screen. No need to have a separate tool to do it! You can also resize your video to your liking.

Advantages: fairly easy to use, screen capture

Limitations: need some tutorials for beginners

Ideal for: making quality videos without investing in software or a Mac!

Software that allows you to edit videos for longer or more professional films.

If you’ve always dreamed of making a short film or documentary, this software is for you.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio offers many professional features such as object tracking, stabilization, GPU hardware acceleration or color grading. It targets insiders or beginners. Only problem: its freemium version is quite limited! But if you become initiated, its price is really not very high!

Advantages: good features for making movies

Limits: limited freemium version

Ideal for: taking it to the next level for more ambitious projects

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