Dell laptop. Buying guide and comparison of the best DELL laptops. Tips for use + best brands and our opinion

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Brand is also an important criterion when acquiring of a laptop. By adopting a laptop from a renowned brand, you select a cachet, a product quality and a price range. As a reference, we invite you to follow this guide on laptops from the Dell brand so that you can find the best laptop on the market.

As we live in a more connected world, a laptop has, nowadays, become a tool that is indispensable in everyday life, whether for work or for personal use. Whether you are on a business trip or on vacation, on a train or on the terrace of a restaurant, your laptop will follow you everywhere. It offers you the opportunity to stay in touch and communicate with your family, loved ones, collaborators, allows you to watch movies, work on a project or have fun. If you decide to buy one, know that it is not a blind choice, it is essential to define things to consider.

The Inspiron Chromebook 14-7486 offers a 2-in-1 functionality for the greatest pleasure of users. Before buying it, it is important to note that this computer works with the Chrome operating system which is based on the Cloud. Thus, speed and security are at the rendezvous. Other than that, it has a smart stylus that holds a storage of its own in the base of the system for added security. The advantage with this laptop is that it has high security. Now antiviruses are no longer needed, but the system already has built-in protection. Apart from that, all users can take advantage of the thousands of applications available on Play Store to make life easier, especially for work or for entertainment. On the other hand, some applications require a subscription, so you have to choose what is best suited. Always to prove its efficiency in terms of security, this computer automatically saves the data on the personal space of each user and allows him to access it online or offline for possible modifications. Finally, the Family Link app allows parental controls in case small children touch it.

Dell offers one of the most capable and practical laptops around by creating this Inspiron 15-7590 model. . Its intelligence is such that it easily detects when it is placed on the desk or on the knees, or when it is in the hands. It can thus automatically adjust its temperature as needed. Yet another function is that it has a fingerprint reader which ensures the connection with the computer thanks to the Windows Hello function. Different technologies ensure the convenient operation of media files. We can mention the CinemaColor technology which allows images to be displayed in a clear and realistic way thanks to Dell color profiles. These make the colors of images richer and more vibrant. There is also CinemaSound technology which boosts the volume for better sound quality thanks to the Waves MaxxAudio software. Then there is the CinemaStream technology which ensures the smoothness of the bandwidth for maximum fluidity. In addition, several components allow the proper functioning of this laptop. Thus, its processor and its graphics card ensure a fast responsiveness of the memory to guarantee on the one hand a powerful work or a fluid game, and on the other hand an irreproachable image quality.

This laptop from Dell stands out with thin bezels on 3 sides allowing for a wider view. However, the computer was designed to fulfill four different modes. We can cite the Pedestal mode which is ideal for watching films on an airplane, the Tent mode which allows you to consult recipes, the Computer mode intended for work or for browsing the Internet, and the Tablet mode which is made for entertainment. In addition, the computer screen displays very high quality images, with a very high 4K resolution. This offers always clear and fluid viewing from any angle of view. Besides, it has a really unique power button as it has a fingerprint reader. This option therefore allows you to connect securely to be able to take advantage of the computer’s features. Another feature that should not be overlooked is that this device can be connected to smartphones, whether Android or iOS. This allows you to work while being able to manage notifications or other phone activity, without having to log out. Thus, all call notifications will be quickly transferred to the computer.

There is no need to search for a high-performance and convenient computer even longer. The Inspiron 14-5482 Ultrabook from Dell is there to meet almost all criteria, even the most demanding. It is especially appreciated for its elegant design. In addition, its silver color brings a modern touch that easily integrates with any office decor to brighten up the workday. Equipped with a few modes of use, the most essential is that it can be transformed into a tablet to be even more practical and facilitate work when traveling. It also has access via a fingerprint reader which sits on the power button. Thus, the connection with Windows Hello is done very quickly. All the latest technologies are however brought together to bring a touch of performance to this computer. Its processor as well as its graphics card contribute to its fluidity and high quality images. Media files are now easy to access thanks to CinemaStream and CinemaSound technologies. These allow, among other things, the playback of videos and music in complete fluidity and allow easy and practical control. Thus, the whole family can take full advantage of this innovative computer.

Like all models of Dell laptops, this one has a few advantages that make it more practical and more efficient. Indeed, it has four modes all as practical as each other. These include Stand mode for watching movies on the plane, Tent mode for viewing recipes, Computer mode for general browsing, and Tablet mode for entertainment. However, it has Cortana technology that allows voice control as well as optional access from fingerprints. However, the CinemaSound, CinemaColor and CinemaStream technologies provide even more performance, especially for reading multimedia files. Thus, the images had not been as sharp with richer and more dynamic colors, the improved sound quality, but above all the fluidity of the bandwidth allowing quality playback without interruption. Eventually, this laptop can connect with smartphones to better manage phone calls activities. Thus, notifications of calls and messages will be easily transferred to the computer and it is also possible to take calls or not. However, this data will be stored securely and the smartphone will not be exposed to unsecured internet connections

Fine edges, lightness… These are qualities not to be taken lightly. This Inspiron 14-548 laptop generally relies on its design. Its edges are thin and offers a larger screen size, allowing you to fully enjoy work or entertainment. Its lightness, moreover, allows it to be easily transported when traveling at any time. In addition, its slim size can slip into a backpack without any bulk. Another advantage is its latest generation Intel Core processor. This means that it offers higher performance and promotes the proper functioning of applications, even the most demanding (programming, streaming, video editing, etc.). In addition, its DDR4 memory is among the largest, which allows productive work in a short time. Also, the presence of In-Plane Switching technology promotes a better view with sharp images at any viewing angle. This avoids having to always look directly at the screen. However, the computer has a backlit keyboard and a fingerprint reader option that allows it to be used even at night in low light. Finally, it is equipped with some technologies allowing the optimized reading of multimedia files.

All the qualities sought for a practical laptop are united on this model Inspiron 14-5482 Ultrabook from Dell. With its 14-inch screen in Full HD and its silver gray color, it does not fail to attract all the attention. Its elegance is one of its main assets. In addition, it can also be used as a tablet thanks to its removable touch screen. This makes it even more useful and practical, as it is the ideal tool for frequent trips. Being from the latest technology, it allows a quick connection with Windows Hello thanks to its fingerprint reader located on the power button. In terms of performance, it provides exceptional image quality, whether for simple use or for a video call. Indeed, thanks to the Dell color profiles, the colors are even more vivid and the images are more realistic. This allows, among other things, to take full advantage of multimedia files. Its state-of-the-art graphics card and processor contribute greatly to its ability to navigate quickly. Added to this are the CinemaStream and CinemaSound technologies which allow playback of multimedia files without any latency. Now, using this computer has never been so entertaining and comfortable for the whole family.

All the top-level features come together to make this laptop a must-have. With its 2 in 1 option, it is one of the favorites of users at the moment. In addition, it adapts to its position by automatically adjusting its temperature to prevent overheating. So whether it’s on the desk, in the hands or on the lap, the device automatically detects the heat to adapt intelligently. This allows optimal and risk-free use. Like all Dell computers, this model is also subjected to performance and resistance tests in order to bring the best of itself to meet the needs. Chassis, start button, connectors, keyboard, battery… nothing escapes harsh test conditions. Each part is also ensured that it is easily replaceable in the event of failure. In addition, the computer can be connected to several peripherals in order to optimize data exchanges. In addition, it can accommodate a smartphone, whether Android or iOS. This provides access to always-on connection and managed calls and messages through the Dell Mobile Connect feature. The data will thus be stored securely and away from unsecured internet connections.

Always in the interest of satisfying its users, Dell continues to improve the performance of its computers. As a result, this Inspiron 17-7791 model fulfills almost all the qualities required for a computer worthy of the name. The first point to take into account is its ultra-resistant design. Every detail of the computer has in fact been tested with great care to provide unparalleled resistance. Regarding the resistance test, it must be said that this computer has undergone several tests. Thus, the power button has been checked to withstand at least 40,000 presses, the cover has undergone several thousand tests, the keyboard is tested to be able to click 5 million times without defect. The same is true for the internal connectors and the battery. This is how Dell computers are ranked among the most resistant of products of the same kind. In addition, it is possible to connect the computer with a smartphone via Dell Mobile technology. Operation is simple: just plug the phone into the computer and set the options according to needs and preferences. This allows an uninterrupted connection, while transferring all notifications (calls, instant messages, SMS, etc.) to the computer.

There’s nothing like a modern, high-performance computer to get the job done or to have fun. Precisely, this laptop from Dell is perfectly suited to this expectation. It is actually powered by an Intel Core i5-8265U processor associated with an AMD Radeon 520 graphics card. This duo allows it to be efficient in all areas, whether for work, entertainment or web browsing. Its 15-inch anti-reflective panel offers a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. So images are clearer and brighter than ever, with flawless colors. Even video calls display a crisp image thanks to its HD webcam. Innovative technologies also contribute to this exceptional image quality, namely CinemaColor technology and CinemaStream technology. Multimedia files will therefore now be pleasant to watch. It is not less for the connectivity of the computer. Since it is portable, it is imperative that it has Wi-Fi to ensure it gets the job done. Apart from that, it has HDMI connectivity and various USB ports, not to mention the presence of a card reader and bluetooth. All this allows the device to connect to other devices to enjoy multimedia files even more.

Dell Brand Description

Opting for a Dell brand laptop means choosing a brand recognized for its ability to develop quality electronic products. It provides you with conventional computers that will accompany you during your office work and web browsing. This American brand also offers 2-in-1 laptops, commonly called hybrids, which are feature-rich and ultra-portable. Video game enthusiasts and multimedia professionals will also find their happiness with this brand since it has a whole panel of powerful laptops with high performance and equipped with new technology.

The Dell company and its beginnings

Dell was founded in 1984 by an Austin University of Texas student named Michael Dell. At that time, it was still called PC’s Limited and had a capital of 1000 US dollars, the bare minimum necessary and authorized by Texas law. The first computer developed by this academic was the Dell Turbo. It was assembled in his dorm room and had the Intel 8088 processor clocked at 8 megahertz. The firm quickly grew and to devote himself full-time to his company, the young Michael Dell gave up his studies at the age of nineteen. After being renamed Dell Computer Corporation in 1987, the company was successful and was ranked in the top 500 American firms five years later. With the rise of the Pentium processor, Dell was the seventh largest PC manufacturer in the world. In 1999, it became the biggest PC seller in the USA.

Dell since year 2000

Three years after becoming the largest PC vendor in the United States, Dell lost its top spot to Hewlett-Packard in 2002, but regained it in 2003 and changed the company’s name to Dell, Inc. the same year. As of 2004, the company has a market capitalization of US$30 billion. In 2006, it ended 22 years of collaboration with Intel and joined forces with processor manufacturer AMD. Since 2011, the firm has acquired numerous companies and changed its name to Dell Technologies, following the acquisition of EMC in 2016. Today, based in Round Rock in the State of Texas, this company of American origin of Michael Dell is the third largest computer manufacturer in the world.

Dell products

The American company Dell has made a name for itself through the design, manufacture and marketing of laptop computers for professionals and individuals. It is also present on the markets for data backup and storage systems, enterprise servers and equipment specific to computer networks. It has, moreover, entered into close collaboration with Microsoft and Nortel in order to provide its customers with a whole range of products from Nortel’s business telecom range. By diversifying its products, the company presents software and peripherals such as digital cameras, printers, USB keys, portable MP3 players and flat screen televisions on the market.

Dell Laptop FAQ

Where can you buy Dell laptops?

As one of the leaders in the marketing of PCs, the Dell brand offers a wide selection of laptops on its site. In addition to finding an authentic model, you will benefit from secure payment and a free delivery service, with no minimum purchase. In collaboration with authorized resellers and distributors, you can also find a Dell laptop computer on the virtual shelves of renowned merchant sites such as Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac… If time permits, you can even go to the stores closest to you to see the items available and meet your needs.

What is the price of Dell laptops? ?

Eager to meet the needs and expectations of its customer base, Dell offers laptops suitable for all budgets. Most people think that an affordable ceded laptop is low quality. With Dell, there is no need to have such prejudices, even launched at discount prices, its machines have many practical and interesting features. Even with a limited budget, you will find a device that combines performance and quality. The price of laptops of this brand varies from 350 to 550 euros. The most sophisticated models, equipped with the latest technology, are offered from 1000 to 1550 euros.

What kind of laptops Dell suggests for video game enthusiast?

Whether under the AlienWare brand or directly offered by Dell, the company presents gaming laptops. Although gamers are slightly more demanding users, the firm has always been able to satisfy them. Indeed, it provides them with monster machines that embed high-level processors and powerful graphics cards, even if it means ensuring quality videos in order to guarantee a remarkable immersive experience. Also, you don’t have to worry about the price. Laptops for gamers are not at all expensive, but offered at a more than fair price.

Professional working in the design, manufacture and sale of PCs for more than 30 years, Dell has always been committed to satisfying its customers as well as possible, whether through the quality of its products or its services. If you ever have any complaints or questions about its laptops, simply go to the “Contact Us” section of the brand’s official website and click on the “Technical Support” tab. Follow the instructions and select how you want to reach the brand (email, chat or phone call). Either way, technicians will be on hand to provide you with detailed and clear answers.

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