Voidtrain lets you be a mechanic for the amazing floating train that will take you into the future. There are certain things that even the most advanced technology can’t solve. You have the internet to assist you with this. You won’t find solving puzzles in Voidtrain difficult if you do a bit of explaining. You will find the solution if you read this article!

How to Solve All Puzzles – Voidtrain

At the moment, only two types of puzzles are available in Early Access of Voidtrain. They are the Laser puzzle or the Music puzzle.

Laser Puzzle

There are many puzzles where you will find a large ball enclosed by lasers. This puzzle is solved by hitting the statues with your respective colored laser.

There are three types of statues and three colors. Red Blue and Yellow. Each statue has a unique face. This is how you can determine which one matches the other.

As you can see, the image above shows:

  • The blue laser should hit a statue with straightlines on its top.
  • The red laser should hit statues with looping lines .
  • The yellowlaser must hit statues with lightning lines at their heads.

You just need to match the colors to the statues, and the big ball will fall apart, leaving behind a chest that you can take to your train.

To clear your laser’s path, if it is blocked by any debris or wooden, push it away or use your gun to destroy it.

Music Puzzle

You will find places where the big ball is next to a Ghost Rodemo. It’s a Music puzzle.

This one will require you to search for small tablets so you can take pictures in the tiny houses that look like this:

Once you have found them all , you can take the Rofleemo to hear its sounds. In order to capture the appropriate image, you will need the one that best represents the sound it makes.

They don’t have to be done in chronological order. However, their positions are shown behind the Rofleemo on the stones.

If you do it correctly, the stones will turn yellow as shown in the photo above. You will then be able pick up the chest where the big ball was, just as before.

You can return it to your train to get it to the depot.