What Does Idle Mean On Discord: A Guide To Understanding This Status

Are you patiently waiting for someone to react to your messages on Discord?
You may be wondering, “What does idle imply on Discord?” and “How do you tell if someone is idle on Discord?”
These are key questions to ask while utilizing this online community-based chat service, whether you’re new to the program or just want a better knowledge of how it all works.

With Discord being a free, casual chat program that connects people from all over the world together, it’s no surprise that you’ll be wondering how does AFK function and what it means when you’re not receiving answers from your chats.

We’ve produced this simple tutorial specifically for you to help you understand what idle means on Discord and to give you with further information on the subject.

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What does idle mean on Discord?

What Does Idle Mean On Discord: A Guide To Understanding This Status

You’ve been chatting in private chats or communities you’ve joined on Discord for a while when you notice an orange crescent moon next to someone’s profile.
How do you tell if someone on Discord is idle?

This little emblem indicates a ‘Idle’ user. This will display on someone’s profile automatically if they have signed into Discord but have not been active with other users or on the site for around 10 minutes.

You may be familiar with the phrase ‘AFK,’ which stands for ‘Away From Keyboard’ and is essentially synonymous with being inactive on Discord. When someone returns and begins chatting, the idle logo will immediately disappear, and your status will return to ‘online.’

Please keep in mind that the automated adjustment of your status may take a few minutes to appear on your profile.

How do I change to idle in Discord

Although shifting to idle will happen automatically on your profile after a few minutes, you may change your online status to idle manually.

Step 1. Log into Discord

Step 2. Find your profile at the bottom of the screen on the left and click on it

Step 3. Select ‘Idle’

Your profile will now be idle and show the orange crescent moon.

It is important to note that if you manually switch your profile to idle, you will have to change it back to online yourself, as opposed to the idle status appearing automatically.

You may also change your status to online, do not disturb, or invisible.

What does invisible on Discord mean?

Discord Screenshot

With the ability to manually modify your profile’s status on Discord, it’s useful to understand what each one signifies.

The status ‘Do Not Disturb‘ is self-explanatory. Setting your profile to this state indicates to other users that you do not wish to be contacted, and if someone does message you, you will not be alerted until you return online.

Invisible‘ on Discord is a unique state that may be perplexing to those who are new to the platform.

Changing your status to ‘invisible’ informs others that you are unavailable. This will notify other users that you are not accessible to talk or play games with them, and if they contact you, you will not get it until you go online again.

Invisibility is the polar opposite of that. You will continue to receive notifications and communications that are sent to you. You can still communicate via private messages and your chosen communities. Those who do not communicate with you will perceive your profile as unreachable.

How do you know if someone is invisible on Discord?

The Discord invisible state was intended primarily to prevent other users from knowing you are online.

Users who are signed into Discord will not be able to identify whether someone is in invisible mode since their profile will display as offline.

If you get a message or are playing a game with someone who has an offline status, you may presume they have enabled the invisible status.

When you enable the invisible status, you will appear as a grey dot, just as if you had checked out of Discord.

Do you appear offline when you close Discord?

Dark Discord Logo

When you log out of Discord or close the program, your status will change to grey, indicating that you are currently offline and unreachable on Discord.

So, what happens when you shut down Discord? When you close Discord, it will disconnect your device from the server, whether it be a mobile device or a PC. You’ll need to reconnect to Discord, just like any other app, to see whether you’ve gotten any alerts.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you’ve opted to log out of Discord altogether, you should make sure it’s not running in the background on your smartphone, since this may use a lot of data as well as battery life, especially if you’re on a mobile network.


Check your Task Manager to ensure Discord is not running. If it is, go to Discord and select ‘End Task.’

On iPhone

Swipe up to the center of the screen on your home screen. If the Discord app appears, click on it and slide upwards to remove it.

On Android

Navigate to Settings and choose the Discord app. Choose ‘Force Stop’ after selecting it. Discord was not operating in the background if you did not have the option to force stop it.

Understanding how to set up your Discord profile and what each setting means is critical to having a positive user experience with the program. Inability to understand how idle work on Discord works and what invisibility on Discord means might impede you from getting the most of your time on the chat service.

We hope this simple explanation covered everything you needed to know about Discord’s status settings, and if you have any more questions or issues, you can utilize Discord’s support center.