It seems that there has been a lot more confusion since the Legendary Edition, the remastered Mass Effect trilogy. The main confusion is about the Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s max level. There are also questions about the level scaling. So why all the confusion? Are there any changes to the level scaling and what is the maximum level in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

What is The Max Level – Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The confusion was caused by the fact that instead a single level scaling option, there is now two: Legendary and Classic. both have different levels scaling and have a different maximum level.

Legendary – Max Level

Level 30 is the max level for Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s legendary scaling system.

Classic – Max Level

The level 60 max level for Mass Effect Legendary Edition is like the level in the predecessors. Mass Effect 2, and 3.

Do you see any differences? No.

To reach level 30 in the Legendary setting, it takes the same amount of progress as to reach level 60 in Classic. This was done because BioWare, Mass Effect’s designers felt that the rate of leveling up in previous installments was too slow.

Which one should I choose? It doesn’t really matter. Legendary allows you to level up more slowly, but you get more talent for each level. It really doesn’t matter what it does, but it all comes down to personal preference.