The best desktop, deskop, pc computer to buy in 2021. And know the ideal configuration that a good PC must have to perform well.

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If you are looking for the best computer to buy in 2022, then you’ve just come to the right place! Well, here we have selected the best desktops of 2022, the best PC brands, the lowest price computer and much more.

So, read on for all that and more here, in this complete buying guide.

The Best Computers of 2022 (Desktop Good and Cheap)

In the list below, you can see which are the best PCs we have selected:

What is a Desktop Computer and What Is It For?

The desktop corresponds to a desktop computer. That is, they are made to be used in a fixed place, unlike the notebook, which we can take anywhere.

It’s for you to perform the most diverse jobs, as well as studies and fun.

What Are the Advantages of a Desktop Computer?

The main advantages that a desktop offers are: more affordable power, easier to upgrade, easier to assemble and customize, and it is also a machine that has greater durability.

How to Choose the Best Computers?

So, when looking for the best PC to buy in 2022, you should pay attention to a few questions, which make all the difference in the machine’s performance. So, check out what to compare in the best desktops below:


The processor is something of extreme importance in a computer. After all, he is considered to be the brain of the machine.

Every operation we perform on the computer is commanded by the processor. By the way, the performance of the equipment is also your responsibility.

There are several different families of processors on the market. However, one of the most modern families belongs to Intel.

This is Core i. This series consists of the following processors: Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7.

With Core i3 being the most basic; the Core i5, intermediate; and the advanced Core i7. Therefore, when choosing the best computer, consider your needs well.

After all, the most basic models are ideal for everyday use, for school activities, for browsing the internet, and other activities that don’t require a lot of machine performance.

In contrast, the intermediate models are ideal for activities that require a better processing capacity of the machine.

And the more advanced models are suitable for those who run very heavy software, which require a lot of the machine, such as video editing, games, among others.


This item has a direct influence not only on the number of programs that the machine can open at the same time, but also on the working speed of these programs.

So, check below the amount of RAM memory needed for the main activities we carry out:

  • 2 GB of RAM: ideal for editing spreadsheets and various documents, and for browsing the internet.
  • Between 3 and 4 GB of RAM: allows you to open several programs at the same time.
  • Up to 8 GB of RAM: perfect for those who work with video, audio, engineering programs, architecture, photography, and other tasks that require a more powerful machine.


The HD is also an important item to consider on good computers. Because it is used to permanently record programs and files on your machine.

Therefore, when choosing the best computer, evaluate the HD well, according to your needs. Check it out below:

  • 250 GB hard drive: ideal for storing spreadsheets, miscellaneous documents and accessing the internet.
  • HD computer from 320 to 500 GB: perfect for those who need to store large files such as games, photos, music, videos, etc.
  • 1 TB HDD: these are the most suitable for professional use, such as video production companies and websites.

Operating System

The operating system corresponds to the main program on the computer. So it is one of the first that are turned on when the machine is started. The main ones are:

  • Windows (Microsoft operating system): it is capable of operating on almost all PCs. In addition, it is also the most commonly used.
  • MacOS: This system is unique to Apple computers. Therefore, it does not work on computers of other brands.
  • Linux: This operating system is free, and can be found on Linux computers. In fact, the functions it performs are very similar to those of Windows.

Finally, these are the main points that should be observed when choosing the best desktop of 2022.

5 Best Computers to Buy in 2022

In the list below, you can see the characteristics of the best rated computer models of 2022.

So, read carefully to choose the best pc, which will help you in the most diverse functions of everyday life, as well as at work too.


If you are looking for a good PC to use in the office, you just found it! Buy the Core i5 4th Generation Complete Computer, and have a perfect machine for everyday life.

Its RAM memory is 8 GB. The HD is 500 GB, which fits all the software you need to work. In addition, it already comes with Windows 10 Pro installed. The graphics card is the powerful fourth generation Core i5, which guarantees very fast performance.

And it has 4 CPU cores, which allow you to work with multiple tasks simultaneously. Its source has a power of 200 watts. It is a bivolt product, that is, you can use it on both 110V and 220V.

By the way, it also has four USB 2.0 and two 3.0 ports. It has an HDMI output. A line in for microphones, and a line out for headphones. Its monitor is 18.5 inches, quite large for you to see everything very clearly.

Resolution is 1600 x 900 HD. Mouse and keyboard work via USB plug & play. So, just plug them in and they’ll work quickly, without manual installation.

Its CPU is 41 cm high, 20 cm wide and 38 cm deep, with a weight of 8 kilos. The monitor weighs 4 kilos.

So if you’re in doubt about which is the best office PC, then look no further.

Computer PC CPU Complete with Monitor

The performance you need for everyday work, you can only find using the CorpC Full CPU PC Computer with 19.5 LED Display, Intel Core i3 6GB HD 500GB Wifi EasyPC!

By the way, it already comes with several programs installed. That way, you don’t waste time downloading them and making updates.

Some examples are: the Linux operating system; Skype, to make video calls; the free version of Spotify, which can be used together with 2.0 speakers, with HD audio outputs already included; antivirus, among others.

By the way, this is the best value for money PC 2022. Its RAM memory is 6 GB. Its HD is 500 GB. That is, it offers plenty of space for you to store all the software and files you want.

This good and cheap PC has a super powerful processor, Intel Core i3, which guarantees a fast response to all commands.

It comes with four USB ports on the back and two on the front. As well as with an HDMI cable input as well.

Your monitor is 19.5 inches, and its resolution is 1366 x 768 HD, so you can see everything very clearly. Anyway, this is the cheap PC you were looking for.

In addition, it comes with a mouse and keyboard. Its CPU is 43 cm high, 21 cm wide, and 57 cm deep.

Complete PC Intel Core i5

If you are looking for a very powerful machine that allows you to carry out all your tasks without crashing, the best option is the Intel Core i5 Full PC, 8GB Ram.

By the way, it comes with Windows 10 installed, 30-day trial version. The keyboard, mouse and Wi-Fi adapter are freebies. All cables needed to power it up are also included.

In addition, its graphics card is the powerful third-generation Intel Core i5, which guarantees great speed when carrying out all tasks.

The RAM memory is 8 GB. The HD has 500 GB available. So it’s perfect for storing all kinds of files, images, videos and programs you want.

So, if you are looking for the best cost-effective 2022 desktop to buy, bet on this model, that quality and efficiency are guaranteed.

Your monitor is LED, 18.5 inches. That is, it is quite large so that you can see everything very clearly.

Your CPU has a total height of 45 cm, for a width of 50 cm, and a depth of 60 cm. And its weight is 15 kilos.

So, by purchasing the Intel Core i5 Full PC, 8GB Ram, HD 500GB, you guarantee a very satisfying and fast performance!

Are you looking for a good, efficient computer that meets all your office needs? Well then you just found it.

After all, with the i5 3rd Generation 8gb Hd 500GB + Wi-Fi Full PC Computer, you’ll have all the efficiency you need.

Your graphics card is the 3rd Gen Intel Core i5. That way, the response to commands will be much faster.

In addition, the RAM memory is 8 GB. And the HD is 500 GB. That way, you can store all the documents and software you need.

It comes with Windows 10 Pro installed. It has 6 USB inputs, four 2.0 and three 3.0, an HDMI cable output, a microphone line in, and a headphone line out. For sure, this is a best priced computer of 2022.

The power supply is rated at 200 watts. The monitor is 19 inches and is in HD, with a resolution of 1600 x 900. Thus, you will have a better visualization of graphics, images and videos.

It comes with a mouse and keyboard. And both the screen and the CPU are bivolt, that is, you can connect to 110V or 220V. CPU which, by the way, weighs 8 kilos, with a height of 53 cm, a width of 46 cm and a depth of 38 cm.

Finally, with the i5 3rd Generation 8gb Hd 500GB + Wi-fi Full PC Computer, all your tasks will be done much faster! By the way, this is another example of a cheap and good PC to buy in 2022.


The Easy Complete Computer Intel Core i5 4GB HD 500GB is sure to meet all your work needs.

After all, it has the powerful Intel Core i5 graphics card, which offers a very fast response to the most diverse commands. The RAM memory has 4 GB. And the HD has a capacity of 500 GB. The operating system is Linux Ubuntu.

In addition, it also has four USB 2.0 inputs, two on the front and two on the back, and an HDMI cable output.

The monitor is 19 inches and is made of LED, which provides beautiful images. In other words, an ideal cost-benefit computer for those looking for a more affordable product, but one that does not fall short in terms of quality.

By the way, the keyboard and mouse are completely free. Its audio and microphone outputs are in HD. The CPU has the following measurements: height of 36 cm, width of 22 cm, and depth of 39 cm. And its weight is about 8 kilos.

The Easy Intel Core i5 4GB HD 500GB All-In-One Computer is made for you to do all your office tasks easily and efficiently!

So this is another one of the good and cheap PCs of 2022.

Best Computer

Complete Intel Core PC

This PC model from Amorim Shop is an option for those looking for a complete computer.

In it, you will find a CPU with an Intel Core i3 (2nd Generation) processor, 8Gb memory and 500Gb HD. The operating system that is already installed on the machine is Windows 10. And this is a dual voltage model.

The PC also comes with a 19-inch LED monitor, speakers, mouse, keyboard and an adapter for Wi-Fi use.

For working from home or studying at home, we recommend this Intel-branded PC.

This computer has an Intel Core i5 processor, 16Gb RAM memory for file storage, 110 and 220 font, Ethernet connection and a 240Gb SSD HD.

All these specifications make the product very fast in data processing.

With it, you will be able to access your documents through the Windows 10 Trial Activable operating system, which is already installed in the product.

Computer Cheap

You who were looking for a powerful CPU, however, for an affordable price, you have just found one from Intel, which has a Core i5 processor, memory with a capacity of 32Gb and an SSD HD with 240Gb. It has extra slots for DVD and CD-RW.

In this model we find the most traditional operating system that Windows 10 Original has already activated. In addition, it has an adapter, so you can use the Wi-Fi of the place where you will install the CPU.

An unusual operating system, however, that some people still like to use in their daily lives due to security, is Linux. In this CPU model, you will have the S.O. Linux already installed, along with an Intel Core i5 data processor.

As for the machine’s memory, you’ll have 8GB at your disposal, plus 500GB of hard drive. Also, other important points about this CPU is that it has 2 USB ports on the front, and 4 on the back of this machine.

Intel Core I5 ​​CPU

Have at home a computer CPU with an Intel Core i5 processor and a data processing speed of ‎3.2 GHz.

In this model, the memory size available to the machine user is ‎32 GB and the SSD HD has a total size of 240 GB.

It already comes with technology for you to connect directly to Wi-Fi, without the need to buy an adapter; and the operating system that comes with this machine is Windows 10 Genuine.

Computer Gamer

Pc G-fire Amd A8 9600 8gb

If you usually play games online, you know the importance of having a CPU with high performance specifications, so that you can play your games without crashing, and without having other problems in the game.

We have here a great option with a 1TB HD, and a speed to process data of 3.1 GHz.

The video card, an important item for gamers, is already integrated into the processor and is of the ‎Radeon R7 Graphics model with a memory capacity of 2Gb.

This is a CPU with an Intel Core i5-9400F processor, 8GB memory, and two capacities for data storage, the SSD with 160Gb and the HD with 1Tb.

However, its big difference lies in the fact that it doesn’t come with the video card already integrated, like most machines we are used to finding.

Which offers greater freedom for the user to choose the one that best meets their needs during their online game matches.

Complete Gamer PC Maximus I5 GT 730

Purchase a complete PC Gamer, so you can have the most amazing games playing online with your friends.

This model comes with a processor with 1TB HDD memory, and a 2GB memory video card. It has Wi-Fi connection and also the traditional USB.

In addition, other features that this product comes with are an 18.5-inch monitor, wired keyboard, wired optical mouse, and a headset so you can hear the entire game perfectly.

In this CPU model, you will find a case with good internal ventilation, for the parts that will process and store your computer’s data.

In addition, it has a 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 processor, and a turbo max frequency with a speed of 3.60 Ghz. Its memory is 8GB, with the possibility of expanding up to 16GB.

While the video card is of the NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 model, with a memory of 2GB.

Pc Gamer Complete Maximus I5

This is a tip for those who would like to have a complete PC Gamer. In this option, you will receive an 18.5-inch monitor, a keyboard and mouse, both wired, and USB connectivity. As well as a headset and a mousepad with prints of your choice.

In addition, you will still get a CPU with an i5 processor, 8Gb memory, 1Tb capacity HD, S.O. Windows 10, GTX 650 TI 2Gb video card and some games already installed.

Best PC Gamer Expensive And Effective

Arena Setup Powered

This model comes with up to 3 years warranty. This purchase option is an ideal CPU model for those who can’t do without a good game of online games.

It has the motherboard that is considered the #1 on the market, which is the ASUS TUG GAMING model; comes with an i5-type processor and a speed of 3.6Ghz; 8GB RAM memory, and a 4Gb video memory to improve images.

So, now it’s easier to identify the best computer to buy. After all, you already know what to compare in the best computer brands, and you know the most affordable prices on the market.

So, just buy quickly and safely, without leaving home.

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