Why My Apple Music Won’t Play On My Computer

You should be able to play Apple Music whether you’re a Mac or a Windows user, but this doesn’t always seem to be the case. You’re not alone if you’re experiencing difficulties launching Apple Music on your PC.
When attempting to play music via Apple Music or iTunes, Windows users have encountered a number of issues. So, why isn’t my Apple Music playing on my computer, and how can I fix it?

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Why won’t my Apple Music play on my computer?

Why My Apple Music Won’t Play On My Computer

There are numerous reasons why Apple Music won’t play on your computer. These include:

  • You’ve tried to sign in from too many devices
  • There is an issue with your iTunes

How do I fix Apple Music not playing on my computer?

Sign out of your devices

Apple Music only permits music to be played from up to 5 devices; attempting to play it on more than this may result in an error code.

To determine if this is your problem, we recommend signing out of all of your devices. If you’re unsure where you’re logged in, update your password and then choose log out of current sign-ins.

Sign back in and check to see if the problem persists. If it does, we recommend that you take the next steps.

Uninstall and Reinstall iTunes

If you’re still unable to play music on your Windows device, you should delete iTunes and then reinstall it.

To uninstall iTunes

  1. Click Start and search for the app or programme.
  2. Once you’ve found the item, click and then select uninstall. 

How to reinstall iTunes

After you’ve uninstalled your iTunes, it’s time to reinstall it. The best way to do this is via Apple as opposed to Microsoft. 

How to listen to Apple Music on my PC?

Why Won't My Apple Music Play On My Computer?
Listen to Apple Music

First and foremost, how do you listen to Apple Music on your computer? It is possible to listen to music on a Mac using the Apple Music app or a web browser.
There are also two major ways to listen to Apple Music on your Windows PC in 2021. Which are accessible via a web browser and iTunes. Yes, iTunes is still very much alive and thriving for Windows users.

Listen to Apple Music via iTunes

To listen to Apple Music via iTunes here’s how:

  1. Download iTunes from the Microsoft Store on your Windows PC or on Apple directly
  2. When iTunes has downloaded, go ahead and set this up
  3. Once it has loaded, click on account > sign in
  4. After you’ve signed in, you will be able to access your iCloud music library, as well as your Apple Music subscription
  5. If you’re unsure how to listen to Apple Music, click browse or search via the bar on the top right

On a web browser

Why not listen on a web browser if you don’t want to download a program? Here’s how to use your web browser to listen:

  1. Open your browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, and type music.apple.com/us/ into the address bar.
  2. Next, sign in using your Apple Music login, which is located on the right side of the page in a red box.
  3. You may be required to authenticate your account on one of your Apple Devices as part of this procedure; this will be done through the use of a code.
  4. When this is finished, you should be able to listen to music on any device.

Apple music not playing on windows

Apple Music
Apple music

If you try to play Apple Music on iTunes but are unable to do so, here are some troubleshooting options to try in order to remedy the issue.

Sign in and out again

If your Apple Music isn’t playing on Windows, we recommend signing in and out again. Although this appears to be a straightforward solution, it frequently resolves difficulties by resetting your account.

Change playback settings

Users have stated that the actions outlined below assisted them in resolving the iTunes not playing on Windows 10 issue.

  • Sign in to your Apple Music or iTunes account.
  • Select Edit > Preferences > Playback from the menu.
  • Look for ‘Play Audio Using,’ which is normally set to ‘direct sound’ or Windows Audio Session.
  • Switch to the opposite setting and try playing your song again.
  • If this does not assist, repeat the procedure.

Music stuck at 0:00 on Apple

Apple Music

As a Windows user, this issue has been noticed more frequently recently. Although Apple hasn’t recommended on how to cure this mistake, we’ve uncovered the finest solutions to provide iTunes the ability to play the music you’re attempting to listen to. Changing the playback parameters, as shown above, may help to resolve this problem.

1: Delete old devices 

A user’s Apple Music account can only be linked to 5 devices. If you discover that you have gadgets that you no longer use, delete them from your account since they may be interfering with your ability to listen to music.

2: Repair iTunes app on Windows 10 

Another troubleshooting tip is to repair the settings of iTunes, if you’re unsure how to find this setting, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click on Apps, then Apps & Features
  3. Select iTunes > Advanced Options 
  4. Click repair
  5. Reopen iTunes on Windows 10 

3: Reset iTunes

If fixing iTunes does not solve the problem, we recommend attempting to reset iTunes. Not to worry, your music, songs, or other stuff will not be removed. If you want to reset your iTunes app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the settings menu, then choose applications, followed by apps and features.
  2. Then choose iTunes, followed by Advanced Settings.
  3. Press the Reset button.
  4. After you’ve finished this, all of your Apple Music settings should be restored to their original form.


We hope you’ve found these troubleshooting tips useful. If you’re still wondering why my Apple Music won’t play on my PC, read on. Instead using the app, consider using a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.