Xbox Series X restock Twitter tracker updates have shown that the Microsoft console is easier to get in May 2022 at Best Buy, Walmart and especially the official Microsoft store. Retailers throughout the United States have made it easier to buy the Series X compared to any PS5 restock event, even when offered at the| USSA News #separator_saThe Tea Party’s Front Page. | Slowly, our freedoms are being chipped away with, “We know better…” justification as its hammer and chisel.

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Xbox Series X restock Twitter tracker updates have shown that the Microsoft console is easier to get in May 2022 at Best Buy, Walmart and especially the official Microsoft store. Retailers throughout the United States have made it easier to buy the Series X compared to any PS5 restock event, even when offered at the MSRP of $499.

Today, May 9, the Xbox Series X restock is located at:

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Why trust my Xbox restock alerts

  • I’ve helped 222,000 people get a next-gen console through my journalism and reporting work. In December, 16,000 people got an Xbox Series X or PS5 per week with my alerts in one week just after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Xbox Series X restock dates

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Microsoft has caught up to demand, whereas Sony still has people scrambling for the PlayStation 5. This has put a lot of pressure on retailers in the US, as the Amazon PS5 and Target PS5 restocks are often sold out within minutes. Microsoft has switched to offering its Xbox console through email invites, sort of like the Sony PS5 Direct restock has been doing for months. But now it’s fully available as of this publishing date.

⛔ What Xbox stores in the US can’t be trusted?

  • 🐦 Twitter: never buy from Twitter resellers. They are ALL scams

  • 🤓 Silicon Nerd: I’ve helped 222,000. Never seen anyone get it here

  • 😒 Shady online storefronts: many seem like they went up overnight

  • 🤨 Clones of me: Me and celebrities are being impersonated. I’ll never sell you any console

Xbox Series X news

Best Buy and Walmart are currently the best and cheapest way to buy an Xbox Series X for MSRP. It doesn’t come in a bundle, and the $499 Microsoft console isn’t always locked behind memberships like Walmart Plus and Best Buy Totaltech. Even when it’s free of those subscriptions, I recommend getting the Walmart Plus free trial to speed up the free shipping to your doorstep. You can cancel before the Walmart+ price of $12.95/month or $89/year kicks in.

If the Xbox happens to be out of stock at Walmart (it goes in and out of stock almost weekly and is often gone on the weekends), then you can wait until the next Walmart restock, which usually happens every four to five weeks.

The trick to buying any console at Walmart requires you to enter into an online virtual queue at the exact moment the page changes from out of stock to in stock. You may think it’s wise to refresh the page well ahead of the 12pm EST time (the usual Xbox and PS5 restock time), but that has proven to be the wrong strategy. Refreshing the Xbox product page on Walmart ten minutes in advance only leads to encountering CAPTCHA security puzzles.

Instead, refresh the page less than two minutes before the restock time and do it every 10 seconds, just in case Walmart decides to flip the switch early. As soon as you have a place in the queue (I don’t even wait to see my place), switch to either a different tab for a different product (Xbox Series X, PS5 Disc and PS5 Digital will be on sale at the same time), or a different browser or device to grab another queue spot for the same product (don’t use a different tab on the same browser, as cookies files shared, you’ll just wind up in the spot that mirrors your original time).

Once the queue for the Xbox Series X reaches zero, you should have ten minutes to buy the console through the Walmart checkout system. Ensure that you’re choosing your correct address, as the retailer and FedEx don’t allow changes for delivery.

GameStop Xbox Series X restock leaks

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  • 🏬 Last Xbox Series X in-store restock: Thursday, September 23 (very rare)

  • 🧠 What to do for Halo Xbox: We haven’t heard anything from retailers about more Halo Infinite Xbox Series X consoles, but I’ll tweet when it’s in stock

  • 🧠 What to do for regular Xbox: Decide now if you should spring for Totaltech at $199. Don’t buy it until an Xbox restock actually happens, but make the decision in your head now if it’s worth getting it easier.

  • Your next chance to buy an Xbox Series X is likely going to be from Best Buy, but there are two things you’ll need to know beforehand…

    Best Buy likes to do Monday restocks for Totaltech members, and it’s overdue to offer the console through its $199/year program (it comes with other stuff like tech support and extended warranties). It needs to cater to the people who bought into Totaltech during Black Friday, and it’s been a while since it had a Totaltech Xbox drop.

    Second, it’s becoming increasingly easy to get Xbox, so you may not even need a Totaltech membership if you’re fast enough – and the Xbox happens to be available for online purchase from your store (it’s an online purchase with in-store pickup a few days later).

    🎯 Target Xbox restock: randomly and locally

    • 🔮 Next Xbox restock: Check daily

    • 🏬 Last Xbox online restock: Local drops during random mornings

    • 🧠 What to do: Check periodically, but don’t get disappointed if it’s not for sale in your local area.

    Target Xbox Series X restock dates are difficult to explain, so please pay attention: restocks happen locally at a few stores and the consoles are usually found in the mornings. It’s become impossible for me and others to track them down.

    It used to be an online-only purchase with pickups happening in stores, but recently Target shifted away from this and you can get the entire transaction done in stores.

    📦 Amazon Xbox Series X restock

    • 🔮 Next Xbox restock: Fewer Xbox restocks than PS5, but there’s hope

    • 💻 Last Xbox restock: March 31, 2022

    • 🧠 What to do: Look out for my alert and be fast for this one – Amazon is popular for both consumers and bots

    The Amazon Xbox Series X restock dates were few and far between in 2021, and I expect nothing different from the retailer in 2022. That’s because it has favored offering the Sony PS5 console monthly just after the 20th of almost every month, and has completely skipped over the Xbox Series X in the latter half of 2021 except for three dates. That’s right – just three. And so far in 2022, there’s been only one restock date at Amazon for the Xbox Series X: March 31, 2022.

    What I know is that Amazon is popular with both consumers and scripted bots. Meaning that even with the retailer’s Prime-member-only barrier to entry, you’re going to have to be fast with my Xbox Series X restock alerts to nab this one.

    Updated: May 8, 2022

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